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T.H.E. R.O.A.D. ~ Bible

 "Meditate on my words day and night," Psalm 1:2



About Me Plea:

I am a struggling musician, 

a Christ Follower, who creates these resources

as an act of service to my Lord and Saviour. 


It takes time and money

(both of which I have little of)

to develop these resources and website.


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T.H.E. R.O.A.D. (Chronological Bible Reading Plan)


  • Every 365-day plan begins on January 1st of the year. You will read the entire Bible - Old Testament, including the Apocrypha, and the New Testament


  • Reading the Bible regularly is one of the most important habits you can develop


  • Share this resource with your friends, your church. Stay awhile - listen to my music! Discover my other free resources.


  •  Download this free printable 'Certificate of Achievement' for reading the entire bible in 1-year!


Why Read the Bible?


  1. Because it is God's Word to us

  2. Because it nourishes us daily

  3. Because it will help us to know God better

  4. Because it will help us to grow in relationship with others

  5. Because it will change our lives

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to download your copy today!



Approved Bibles

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Catholic Ed.

CDN $17.20


Catholic Ed.

(XLarge Print)


CDN $29.13


Catholic Ed.


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Catholic Ed.


CDN $36.29

Catholic Ed.


CDN $27.33

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