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With a piano style all his own, Brendan Kelly brings beautifully crafted melodies to the Christian music genre.


His music is best described as "spiritually healing." Brendan's music introduces us to a wilderness of musical ideas which the listener becomes anxious to explore. 

  Interestingly enough, if you ask Brendan about his musical background he might surprise you. He comes not from a background of polished piano music, but grew up a typical 1970's teenager strongly under the influences of anything and everything playing on the radio at that time. He started piano lesson at age 10, with Dave Don. After High School, Brendan pursued his love of music at Concordia University, graduating with a BFA (Music Composition) in 1991. He began his music career during his university years, and playing keyboards at church. 

  It wasn't until Brendan attended an 
Alpha course in 1997 that he was  introduced to Christian music. It was during that time that he began to consider a vocation as a Christian songwriter. "Prior to hearing Darlene Zchesch, my idea of 'Christian music' went no further than old church hymns in 4-part harmony, a form of  music I had never felt much connection with. Darlene's evangelically spiritual style was at that time unlike any music I had ever heard. I remember feeling, then, that being a Christian songwriter is what I was born for.

  At the Alpha course Brendan met a poet named Daniel Garvin. Daniel had written and shared a poem he had written based on a talk of the previous week. Brendan asked to set the poem to music, and one week later, 'How & When To Pray' was written. Between 1997 and 2001 Brendan and Daniel went on to write over 80 Christian songs together. In 1998, encouraged by friends and family, the duo decided to share their gift of music and word and set out to make a CD. 

    In 1999, they released their first album,Embracing Christ. "At the time I recorded Embracing Christ I was  directing a choir at church. Shortly afterwards, I  formed a Christian ministry with then lyricist, Daniel Garvin, and formed a group along with ten friends from church called Æternal." The 'A' stood for Alpha, a course in basic Christianity they had both taken in 1997.  We promoted Embracing Christ via mail order and at celebrations and various Christian events. Building on the support of their small but growing fan base, we put the profits from Embracing Christ back into our music. Our efforts eventually resulted in our next project, Bursting with the Spiritreleased in 2001. 


Bursting with the Spirit was quite a departure from the folk sound of Embracing Christ. The album had a much quieter voice, one of a thoughtful musician who embraced his music. It's strong melodies presented a pianist who was finally beginning to find his sound. Both albums received airplay across Canada but shortly after its release Brendan began sensing an urgent call to spread his wings, and shortly there after, left Æternal to pursue this calling. In the time between Bursting with the Spirit and his next project, Brendan continued writing music with one difference. He was now writing the lyrics as well.

In November 2004, Brendan released his first solo album, Perfect Joy. Influenced heavily by a commissioned piece by the same name, Perfect Joy follows the events of four months in Australia where it was also recorded. The album reflects the spirit of deep meditation and prayer in which it was written. Spiritually, 'Perfect Joy'  was Brendan's most focused album yet, composed as a gift from the artist to his maker.

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