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T.H.E. R.O.A.D. ~ Catechism

"The Catechism, is offered to all the faithful who want to understand better the inexhaustible riches of salvation." ~ Pope John Paul II



About Me Plea:

I am a struggling musician, 

a Christ Follower, who creates these resources

as an act of service to my Lord and Saviour. 


It takes time and money

(both of which I have little of)

to develop these resources and website.


Please, please, please!

If you personally use or share this resource

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T.H.E. R.O.A.D.  (Catholic Catechism Reading Plan)


  • Every 365-day plan begins on January 1st of the year. You will read the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church. 


  • Catechism, which means "instruction," offers a complete summary of what Catholic's throughout the world believe in common.


  • The Catechism draws on the Bible, the Mass, the Sacraments, Church tradition and teaching and the lives of the saints.


  • Share this resource with your friends, your church. Stay awhile - listen to my music! Discover my other free resources.


Why Read the Catholic Catechism?


  1. To better understand the Church and the faith it proclaims

  2. To better understand what being Catholic is

  3. To better understand the Sacraments

  4. To better understand the Mass

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  of the    Catholic Church

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  de la    Eglise Catholique

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  de la    Iglesia Catolica

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