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Most of the sheet music titles on this page are written in lead sheet form (chords, melody and lyrics) and available for free in PDF format. Piano titles are $2.95 individually. 


You can download the lead sheet files immediately to your computer. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. Most computers come with Acrobat pre-installed, but if you need it, you can download it here free.



This is a labour of love from Brendan to you. He only asks (4) things of you!

 1. if you use his music for worship in your church, contact him with any feedback received

 2. that you don't share, distribute or trade the PDF files on the internet

 3. the downloads you purchase, ie. piano music - are for your personal use only / church use

 4. and lastly, if you use Brendan's free music at all - please consider a small donation - thank you!


Perfect Joy Sheet Music...

    Audio                   Song Title                                     Lead Sheet            

    Piano Sheet Music
available upon request

You Are My Friend

Growth In Forgiveness

Listen Ev'rywhere

The Cry of God's Heart

Deepest Wounds

God's In Everything I See

Perfect Joy

Seek The Kingdom

I Give This Day To You

The Hands of Our Salvation

Show Me How To Love

Lord, Is It You?

Healer of My Soul Sheet Music...

    Audio                  Song Title                                      Lead Sheet           

    Piano Sheet Music
available upon request

Who Am I?

Voice of the Shepherd

You Made Me, Me

I Give You My Life

Healer of My Soul

Teach Me, Lord

Follow Me

Come Thirsty

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Welcome The Stranger

The Lord Sent Me

Wherever I May Go

Lead Me Home

We Want For Nothing


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