Sheet Music w Aeternal (1997 - 2001)

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These songs were written between 1997 - 2001, when I toured with the ministry Æternal I co-founded with than lyricist, Daniel Garvin.  


Æternal Ministries is devoted to spreading the message of Christian unity.

In sharing God's message we celebrated with Anglican, Catholic, United, Coptic, Lutheran, First Reformed, Baptist, and Presbyterian congregations throughout Montreal.


It's a ministry that I'm proud to say is still going strong today.  You can find them more about them and the work they do at:

You can download the lead sheet files immediately to your computer. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. Most computers come with Acrobat pre-installed, but if you need it, you can download it here free.


Embracing Christ - 1999: Sheet Music...

only $7.95

    Audio                   Song Title                                     Lead Sheet            

Our Brothers

Hail Mary, Mother of Jesus

Speak Lord, I Am Listening

Thou Shalt Not

Be With Me

The Good Samaritan

The Father and the Son

With Hope

The Fruit To Reap


How  & When To Pray

Child Like Faith

Bursting with the Spirit - 2001: Sheet Music...

only $7.95

    Audio                   Song Title                                     Lead Sheet            

Who Do You Say I Am?

The Road Less Taken

Let Go & Let God

Bursting with the Spirit

One Voice Is A Whisper

Here Is Where

One More Miracle

From Darkness To Light

I Believe

I Am The The Vine

Why Me?

Show Me The Way


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