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Music Transcription:

Hello, and welcome!


If you are looking for someone to transcribe your music, you've come to the right place. You provide the music in MP3 format, or CD, and I provide a music transcription of the recorded music supplied that is professional, accurate, and ideal for online sales or your next gig. 


I specialize in transcribing Solo Piano Music. All transcriptions are done in (standard piano score format) unless otherwise specified. 


I use the latest Finale Music Notation Software to showcase your sheet music. I have been a professional music transcriber for over 20 years.


My services include: transcribing, formatting, file storage, and a finished PDF copy.






  • ***My e-mail will not accept individual files of 10MB or more. Please contact me for alternative  methods of delivering the file(s)


  • Provide detailed information about what you need. Include as much information as possible, ie. metronome markings, copyright dates, etc. I will e-mail you with any questions I may have





  • A minimum charge of $30 for any project - (I do not charge for repeated measures)


  • Estimates are based on the difficulty and duration of the proposed transcription, are  completely free and require no obligation on your part. The estimates given below reflect a per piece approximation based on approx running time of pieces of medium level difficulty


  • Sliding scale pricing for customers who contract 4 pieces or more


  • All pricing is in Canadian Dollars $CDA























For your, and my convenience, I only accept 'Paypal' for payment.


After acceptance of the estimate, you pay 50% of the first piece. Work will begin only after payment is received. Upon completion, I will contact you for the remaining balance, at which time, I will deliver the complete transcription to you as follows:


  • Full Piano Piece: Song Title_Artist's Name.pdf


  • 1st Page: Song Title_Artist's Name_pg1.pdf (as an online sales sample page)


      ***You will need Adobe Reader in order to view and print your transcriptions. In special cases, I will mail printed  



Note: For repeat customers (4 pieces or more), upon completion of your first piece, I will contact you for the remaining balance plus 50% of the next piece. Payments will proceed as such until completion of the project.


I should also point out that I will transcribe exactly what you send me, so be sure that the recording is of the best quality possible. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  


For inquiries contact Brendan at: pianoscribe@hotmail.com



Please return here to pay after I've contacted you with my estimate for your project!



Begin payment process by clicking the 'PayPal - Donate' image


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PianoScribe® accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express & PayPal





Brendan provides a variety of services to musicians and songwriters:


  • Solo transcriptions

  • Typesetting from handwritten manuscript

  • Chord charts / Lead sheets

  • Songwriting / Composition Assistance

  • Original Musical Accompaniment to Lyrics

  • Lead Sheets of Original Songs

  • Custom Arrangements of Original Songs

  • Score Preparation: Full Score & Part Extractions

  • and more...


Estimates are free. See Ordering/Pricing/Payment for details







  • Lead Sheets: sample








Fair Use Policy:


I cannot make complete transcriptions of copyrighted material (if the copyright is not yours). I can, however, transcribe parts (solos, chord progressions, bass lines, etc.) for your personal study.


Original arrangements of existing songs can be made for your personal use provided appropriate credit is given to the composer(s) and arranger.


Any original material you send to me belongs to you. You own the copyrights. In the case of songwriting collaboration, it's a 50/50 split.


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