Responsorial Psalm

Following the first reading, there is a period of silence to reflect on what has been proclaimed in the first reading. After this silence, we raise our voices in song through the Responsorial Psalm - which comes from the Old Testament.

The Gospel Reading is the highpoint of he Liturgy of the Word. The word Gospel means 'good news.' It is important to remember that when the Gospel is proclaimed, it is no longer the priest or deacon speaking, but Christ himself. 

Gospel Acclamation & Gospel
2nd Reading ~ New Testament

Catholic Wedding Ceremony Guide


With all the other things to plan - choosing  the readings for your wedding ceremony can be overwhelming. You're looking for the right words to reflect both your feelings and your personalities. Great resources include religious texts, poetry or even your own love letters. Not sure where to start? I've gathered together some the most popular passages to help you plan the perfect Catholic wedding ceremony.

The Second Reading is taken from the Letters (the letters of St. Paul and the Apostles) in the New Testament and doesn't always tie into the first reading or the Gospel. Think of the second reading as the sage advice of a grandfather, mentor, or teacher.

Generally taken from the Old Testament, the First Reading is always linked in some way to the Gospel. The Old Testament points us to Jesus Christ in the Gospel.

The Gospel Acclamation is a song of praise! We prepare to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ by singing praise to Him!

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